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Create your menu online with QR Code for free

Create your menu online with QR Code for free

Create your menu

No need to print

it again

Reduce printing expenses by utilizing QR codes for menu distribution, saving resources and money.

Do we have to print the QR Code every time we make changes to the menu?

No, changes to your menu reflect immediately. The same QR code always works, but if you want to print it again, just click the "print QR code" button.

Healthy food selection. Detox and clean diet concept. Foods high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Anti age foods.

Create Account

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to manage your daily menu login to your dashboard

IN JUST 3 Steps

Create Account

Create Your Account with minimum details

Set Up Your Menu

Add your item ,price,image and details

Print QR Code

you can print qr code and also get menu sharing link

Easy to manage

Managing your menu daily is very easy with your phone in just 30 seconds. Follow these three steps:

  • Login to your account (with your username and password)
  • On your dashboard, you'll find buttons to add items, edit items, delete items, print QR code, and more.
  • Perform all operations with just one click.

Our Mission

Menuzet is a menu management website, our mission to simplify your dining choices, digitize menus, and reduce carbon footprint. Our tagline is "No need to print it again". We are making a remarkable change in the industry of FBO (Food Business Operators). Say goodbye to old and traditional printed menus.

Save Climate and Reduce Carbon Footprint by Going Paperless

Just like going cashless, say goodbye to traditional printed menus. We need your commitment and support on this journey.

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Your Voice Matters

Menuzet values your opinion. Leave reviews, share your feedback, and contribute to making this platform more reliable and effective for our community. Your voice shapes the future of Menuzet. Our team works hard to make this platform useful for everyone. We aim to become world-famous.

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